Spring time! Freshen up your greyhound collection

Pigs ears pork pig Bulk buy 10 pieces

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Our ears are Aussie grown and processed in NSW. No nasties from overseas
Can be cut up for smaller dogs, packed full of flavour

On offer is a 10 pack

Exciting enjoyment for doggos, yummy and a source of iron & protein

Another huge plus is pig ear chews keep your dog’s teeth clean and gums healthy, which means fresh breath. Pig ear chews are virtually odorless even while your dog chews them

Pig ear dog treats are high in fat. Overzealous chewing dogs (power chewers) may choke or swallow large chunks, causing GI obstruction hazard. Most pig ear dog treats are also covered in chemicals, additives and preservatives, so choose ears made in Australia only

If your dog is prone to obesity, has pancreatitis, is currently eating a bland diet or consumes chews too quickly, then it’s best to provide a different type of dog treat

Pig ear chews are best for small dogs, delicate chewers and seniors in moderation. Power chewers can chew ears within seconds, which can get very expensive 

For power chewing dogs, there are better options.

Remember, supervision is vital while dogs chew.