Winter is here! Brrrrr. Time to beat the chill
Cammo Summer rainwear Greyhound coat deluxe style, ultra lightweight,  washable

Cammo Summer rainwear Greyhound coat deluxe style, ultra lightweight, washable

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Want the wow factor? The ultimate in summer rain wear, ultra lightweight and super cool

Stand ahead of the pack in this commanding weatherproof RRRUFF! coat

Store this one in your glovebox, for that ‘just in case’ situation.

This raincoat weighs less than a block of chocolate. 

Keep your greyhound dry and comfy in one of my soft and stylish lightweight raincoats with extra wide collar to keep the neck dry

Made with spring rain & inclement weather in mind, this deluxe style coat features a weather resistant & ultra lightweight fabric that will keep your hound dry without stiffness, and is lined with a nylon waterproof fabric

This coat is weatherproof, and will withstand some rainy walks and keep your hound dry

*Not suitable for heavy rain

For that looming grey sky or longer walks, yet without the weight of some of our bonded fleece raincoats, just throw it on when required and your dog will love the feeling of being dry without the weight 

With minimum care, your hound will stroll down the street looking smart 

This coat does not come with a leash or harness hole

After use, please hang the coat to dry after wiping or shaking off any excess water 

Being so light, we use a 25mm velcro strap to secure the coat. It’s extra long, once fitted, simply cut off the excess. It won’t fray
To measure your dog, stand him or her up, and run a soft tape measure from withers to tail, add 10cms for overhang

Med/lge is approx 80 cms long plus the neck. Our small coat is approximately 75cms long plus the neck.

Our petite/sml sizing is for the smaller girls. If you’re unsure, please reach out to us and enquire before purchase

This coat is not suitable for a whippet

Hand washing preferred & line dry

We trust that your hound will enjoy this lovely coat whenever the weather looks dodgy

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