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NEW Minky Polar Fleece Polka Dot - CANDY PINK

NEW Minky Polar Fleece Polka Dot - CANDY PINK

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NEW Minky Polar Fleece Polka Dot - CANDY PINK 

Absolutely gorgeous, RRRUFF! coats are soooo soft. Minky fleece is very luxurious, but not too thick, so we marry it up with Thick arctic fleece. Our dog coats are hand made on the premises in Wollongong, NSW. One at a time. We have so many colors and designs in store, that it’s virtually impossible to have them all online.

Made in a simple style, our coats will fit both petite and chunky dogs.  When making our dog coats, we use velcro under the belly, and across the chest. Our coats are generous in width, and will wrap across the chest making a snuggly fit for your dog. Comfy enough to sleep in, without buckles and hard bits, and suitable to wear outdoors without getting the belly band wet and uncomfortable from wet grass. We also place the velcro away from the groin area, avoiding piddle wetness.

Sizes start from 25cm and go to 80 cm, going up in 5cm increments.

For more information on colors and designs, phone 0490880462

or email

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