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Sizing tips

Measuring for a dog coat:

Ensure your pooch is standing up. Measuring a sitting dog will give the wrong measurements. Run a tape measure from collar to rump. This will give you the best fit for your dog 

Measuring for a dog bed: 

When your dog is comfortably resting, measure the area around your dog, this will give you the best result.

Harness sizes: (guide only, contact us for more help)

  • small: fits a toy poodle, chihuahua  approx 2-4 kgs
  • medium:  Shitzu, Maltese, Terrier approx 5-8 kgs
  • large:  Pug, Cavalier, 9 - 14kgs
  • xl: English staffy 15-20kgs
  • xxl: Standard Poodle, Labradoodle, Groodle 23-30kgs